Door County Land Trust - Ship Canal - Invasive Brush Control

The Door County Land Trust has had us work on the 400 Acre Ship Canal Preserve for a number of years controlling invasive species. Buckthorn, Honeysuckle, Phragmites, Reed Canary, Russian Olive and Japanese Barberry have all be worked on and continue to be worked on. This project was a NAWCA Grant award and has since previously been awarded extension grants via other channels.

WI DNR - Phragmites Control

We've worked with the WI DNR on numerous projects  in the past and this is one of the most widespread and continues to be. We've worked in 23 different counties during this project from as far as Superior to the north and as far south as Madison. Over 3,000 individual sites have been treated since 2014 and will be continuing.

Wings Over WI

In 2015 and 2016 we worked with a chapter of Wings Over Wisconsin located near Sun Prairie controlling Phragmites and Hybrid Cattail. With over 75 acres now treated we look to continue the project and bring this man made wetland complex back to it's incredible habitat state. With low bottoms, open wetlands and large stands of bulrush it truly is one of our most diverse sites. We've used backpack sprayer, our ranger and sprayer and our argo.

WI DNR - Tall Reed Mannagrass

In 2017, we were selected to conduct work on a new invasive species. Tall Reed Mannagrass is a new invasive species and can establish and take over wetlands and waterways in short order. We treated over 80 acres in 2017 and are looking forward to doing follow up work and continuing the work on large scale efforts. Most of the work we are conducting is with our argo.