Invasive Species

It may take several years of management to eliminate invasive species from a property.  With our innovative and time tested management techniques we can get your property invasive free.  We use a variety of herbicides and non-herbicide practices to help control invasive species.

Target Invasive Species:

Habitat Management

Why manage your habitat? Whether you want to see more birds or bucks, habitat management is the way to get there.  Every property, large or small, can be improved to benefit landowners and wildlife.  It may be as simple as cutting one tree or as extensive as cleaning out acres of brush.  Every habitat requires its own management strategies.  This may include: Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), brush clearing, selective tree cutting, tree planting, mowing, herbicide application, prescribed fire, erosion control, and prairie planting. If you're thinking about starting a project, let us help you with our consulting services: Custom Management Plans, GPS Mapping, GIS Mapping, Drone Mapping (coming soon) and Project Reviews.

Erosion Control

Are you beginning a project that is moving some ground? We can help get you started off on the right foot by getting your erosion control permit applications done correctly and in a timely fashion. We also can implement the erosion control structures needed on your project. And to complete the whole circle, we'll ensure those structures remain solid, with routine checks from start to finish. So let us take the worry of erosion control out of the equation and let you get back to focusing on keeping your project on track and on budget.